a funny thing happened

Jul 18

how I got when DC & Warner Brothers released their SDCC schedule last week


here’s their schedule!

when I heard that Marvel decided to make Thor a girl


I’m not a Marvel person to begin with.

Jul 14

how I get when I realize san diego comic-con is just 10 days away

Jul 01

when someone laughs at one of my jokes


Jun 23

when a person won’t give me the wifi password


life does not survive on cellular data alone.

Jun 19

when someone tries to kill my vibe

Jun 18

what I do when I realize I got this

May 30

the look on my face when I see an out-of-state driver on the freeway. I see your license plates!


the look on the face of an out-of-state driver trying to drive on the freeway


May 28

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.” —

Steven Pressfield, from War of Art. 

I’m gonna stop quoting it on here (for now) as I I highly suggest you pick it up and give it a read yourself, Reading Rainbow-style. That said, big thanks to kellysue for suggesting it on her earlier Tumblr post I added a few reading suggestions to. It’s already been a hugely productive, inspiring read.

(via joekeatinge)

Amazing book! Just sit down or get out there and do what it is you love. What you feel compelled to do. Just do it.

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Apr 15

#BloodMoon tonight and Mars is still shining bright #LikeADiamond!

#BloodMoon tonight and Mars is still shining bright #LikeADiamond!